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Advent- Brokenness Restored

I love Christmas, the season, the build up but I have noticed that it has grown into this picture perfect time of year. Its not limited to commercialism either, the nativity story has become this lovely story of cute baby … Continue reading

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Advent Devotional- Hope

If I could sum up what I think about advent I would use the word hope. Not in a wishy-washy ‘I hope this works out’ way, but hope as the bible describes it, the confident expectation of good things to … Continue reading

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We all need a little encouragement

One of the greatest ways we can support, love and help one another- and one of the greatest things we neglect to do: Encourage one another. I doubt very much that I am the only one who needs a little … Continue reading

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This Christmas what is your view of God?

Glen Scrivener compares Jesus and Santa! They give us two very different pictures of God. What is your picture of God? Is it like Santa?!

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