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Palm Sunday- The Unexpected

Check out the latest bible teaching. 20 minutes looking at the Unexpected from Matthew 21:1-11. Featuring an inspiring story from the church in china. Hit the link Palm Sunday- The Unexpected     #youtube #video #palmsunday #Jesus #bibleteaching #China #Mangwingdao

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Rahab- An unlikely hero.

Life is an adventure, consisting of plenty of ups and downs, good days, bad days, moments of triumph and moments to forget. How do we retain peace in who we are and what we are here for when our world … Continue reading

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Piper on Prophecy

Prophecy in the New Testament & today is something I have been giving some real thought these last few days- due to some interesting conversations.   However whatever I would say on the subject, Piper says in a wiser more … Continue reading

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Machine Gun Preacher?

After failing to see this movie at the cinema, I caught it on DVD rental a couple of weeks ago and it has sparked some thoughts. Firstly the paradox of the title struck me, can you imagine rolling into church … Continue reading

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Exceptional Painting: David Garibaldi

Check out this exceptional painting with a bit of a twist!

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