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Palm Sunday- The Unexpected

Check out the latest bible teaching. 20 minutes looking at the Unexpected from Matthew 21:1-11. Featuring an inspiring story from the church in china. Hit the link Palm Sunday- The Unexpected     #youtube #video #palmsunday #Jesus #bibleteaching #China #Mangwingdao

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Living for Jesus -Live Stream

Hey everyone, please see below my first live stream called “Living for Jesus.” Every Sunday night at 7pm GMT I will be releasing another message to encourage and build your faith during these days. If I could sum up this … Continue reading

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Be strong and courageous

The book of Joshua in the Bible starts like this, “After the death of Moses the servant of the LORD, the LORD said to Joshua the son of nun, Moses assistant, ‘Moses my servant is dead. Now therefore arise, go … Continue reading

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Advent- Brokenness Restored

I love Christmas, the season, the build up but I have noticed that it has grown into this picture perfect time of year. Its not limited to commercialism either, the nativity story has become this lovely story of cute baby … Continue reading

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Advent Devotional- Hope

If I could sum up what I think about advent I would use the word hope. Not in a wishy-washy ‘I hope this works out’ way, but hope as the bible describes it, the confident expectation of good things to … Continue reading

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Glory to God

The church which I am involved in leading- Redeemer King is super blessed to have a whole bunch of creative people serving on the team. They have written and performed this brand new original track called Glory to God. It’s … Continue reading

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Tanzania- drawing to a close

I am sat looking at Lake Malawi- one of Africa’s Great Lakes. Some argue it belongs to Tanzania others Malawi in fact there is an on going international dispute as to where the border is. For the purposes of me … Continue reading

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Jambo Jambo 

Hi everyone, I have arrived in South West Tanzania and all is  well. Today we took our first pastors conference in a town called Mbozi, it is south of Mbeya on the way to Zambia just off the great north … Continue reading

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Rahab- An unlikely hero.

Life is an adventure, consisting of plenty of ups and downs, good days, bad days, moments of triumph and moments to forget. How do we retain peace in who we are and what we are here for when our world … Continue reading

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The trip to Calais

In mid October, along with two guys from our Church we ventured down from Derbyshire to Calais in Northern France.  We went to the home which is known as “the Jungle”. It is a camp made up of both refugees … Continue reading

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