Jambo Jambo 

Hi everyone, I have arrived in South West Tanzania and all is  well. Today we took our first pastors conference in a town called Mbozi, it is south of Mbeya on the way to Zambia just off the great north road which runs the length of Africa. 

Around 25 pastors from villages all around turned up and we got to share the good news of Jesus with them encouraging them in their faith. None of them have had any training, they have zero resources , no access to any books or online stuff so they were incredibly thankful. It’s an incredible privilege to be able to share a little. 

I am now in the city of Tunduma (right on the Zambia border) tomorrow we have another conference with hopefully over fifty local pastors from both Tanzania and Zambia.
Please pray for the next few days I hope to be sharing from Romans 12 on the gospel & living that out and seeing the kingdom advance here in TZ. 

It’s an amazing country and the people so friendly- be amazing to see God move and transform communities In this part of the world. I was going to say beautiful as a landscape but it’s not the serengeti or Mount Kilimanjaro- it’s a dust bowl- a harsh terrain, poor, but full of character! The people, just beautiful their hospitality, kindness and hunger for God should inspire us to greater things. They live out the truth of verses like philippians 3:8,

“I count everything as loss compared to knowing Christ Jesus my Lord.”

Really humbling. Thanks for reading. 
That’s all for now. Cheers. 


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Christian, Husband, Father, Pastor- Redeemer King Church www.redeemerking.com Twitter: @DanGower87
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